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I would like to welcome you all to the African Cichlid Hub.

About me;

I’m Marc Boulton the founder of the African Cichlid Hub. I’m located in the UK and have been keeping African Cichlids for some years now.

The beginning;

When I first started out in the hobby I made the same mistakes that most beginners make! I rushed in to it all like a bull in a china shop, no research what so ever. Bought a Aquarium that was too small, stocked it with the dreaded mixed tank selection, my décor was all wrong, terrible filter selection etc etc…Basically I didn’t know what I was doing.

But after researching How to keep African Cichlids using anything I could read or watch for eg. forums/research articles/books/videos I became obsessed with keeping African Cichlids. My knowledge base grew rapidly along with my experience base. I upgraded my Aquarium to a 6x2x2 and that’s when my passion for the hobby went up another notch!

I’ve been an /Moderator/Admin on Malawiforum. Most of my knowledge on the hobby was gathered from there. I still have close ties with forum and everyone involved.


I joined YouTube back in 2006 just to watch videos and occasionally upload videos of my tanks, never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would end up being a Partner with over 3,300 subscribers, nearly 1 million video views and a Merchandise range.

YouTube really started for me when I uploaded my first How to video called How to Strip Female African Cichlids with Fry After Care Which is now my highest thumbed up video with nearly 30,000 views. After getting a great response to that video I realised I might be in a position to help people by making How to videos.. I have a How to African Cichlid playlist packed with helpful videos. I also do product review videos which is always a pleasure to show my viewers in my opinion quality products…I became a YouTube Partner in early 2012 which felt like a huge pat on the back to be honest. I love making videos that might help or inspire people.


I started my Facebook Page bolly12345 in Oct 2011 and is very active with over 400 likes. I currently use my page to update people on videos ideas etc.. Great bunch of people on there, always a pleasure answering questions.

What’s in store for the future

My aim is to grow the African Cichlid Hub community, that’s why this site and forum was set up. I want people from round the world sharing knowledge and experience with each other. I will continue making video’s, answering questions – helping people in away I can.


That’s enough about me, now join the African Cichlid Hub Forum and tell us about you, share your experience’s/pictures/videos of your fish and Aquariums.

Enjoy your time on here and the forum.
Take care
Marc Boulton
bolly12345 – African Cichlid Hub




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