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Protomelas taeniolatus at Namalenje Island – (Red Empress)

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Maingano Island Lake Malawi Cichlids – Underwater Footage

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Taiwanee Reef Lake Malawi Cichlids – HD Underwater Footage

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Dwarf Mbuna Requirements – Dwarf Mbuna Species List

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Dwarf Mbuna are an ideal Mbuna for the hobbyist that hasn't got the space for a large tank or the funds to buy large tank. Dwarf Mbuna can also make a stunning 1 species tank.

Marc Boulton – bolly12345 – Founder of the African Cichlid Hub

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I would like to welcome you all to the African Cichlid Hub.About me;I'm Marc Boulton the founder of the African Cichlid Hub. I'm located in the UK and have been keeping African Cichlids for some years now. ...