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Filtration Introduction Filtration is essential in your African Cichlid tank.  The job of the filters is to keep your tank water clean and safe.  A good filter should remove toxins and dangerous chemicals from the w...

The Algae Thread

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The Algae Thread Green Algae NOTE: THIS IS THE ALGAE THAT MOST MBUNA OWNERS SEEK TO GROW.Other Names: Hair or Spot Algae Color: Green Appearance: Circular, thin, bright green spots that adhere strongly to the ...

The Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle

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The aquarium nitrogen cycle information presented below may be rather boring to most people, but it is absolutely essential to understand this process if you want to be successful at keeping fish! Some call it the ...

Fishless Cycling Guide

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Fishless Cycling Guide Introduction Water quality is essential to get right if you want healthy attractive fish. In fact, it's often said that keeping fish is more about keeping water than fish. If your water qualit...

Dwarf Mbuna Requirements – Dwarf Mbuna Species List

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Dwarf Mbuna are an ideal Mbuna for the hobbyist that hasn't got the space for a large tank or the funds to buy large tank. Dwarf Mbuna can also make a stunning 1 species tank.

Marc Boulton – bolly12345 – Founder of the African Cichlid Hub

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I would like to welcome you all to the African Cichlid Hub.About me;I'm Marc Boulton the founder of the African Cichlid Hub. I'm located in the UK and have been keeping African Cichlids for some years now. ...